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Doc E & Add-ons

eComm Capture and eDelivery–Extending the Use of Email

Looking for an automated way to capture email content sent to you? What about a way to electronically deliver documents such as transcripts, grade reports, degree audits and cash receipts? Come learn how schools are using eComm Capture and eDelivery to accomplish these tasks and more.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Doc e Scan/Fill–Solutions for Student Services

We’re often asked about best practices for deploying and using Doc e Scan and Doc e Fill in Admissions, Financial Aid and the Registrar’s Office. This session will focus on presenting specific use cases, as well as provide attendees the opportunity to discuss and bounce ideas off our team of implementation experts and peers.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Integration and Automation & Paperless Purchasing with SmartFusion

Many institutions are deploying paperless processes within their organizations. What does it take to get there? Is your institution ready to dive into automation? You will hear about Orangeburg Consolidated School District Five's successes, challenges and lessons learned during its transformation to a paperless purchasing system with the aid of the SmartFusion financial accounting platform. Learn from them, share your own story or plan your own path to success in this session.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Beyond the Software–Tax Form Processing, Records Conversion and More

From tax form processing, records conversion and other administrative services, the Softdocs team has worked with various customers to help streamline operations. This session will look at ways to expand your software implementation to include additional services and maximize your relationship with Softdocs.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Third Party Integration–Share and Learn

We are opening up the floor to discuss the world of integration possibilities! Learn how fellow users are integrating with Softdocs and what their experiences look like. Bounce ideas off one another and share insight into how integration capabilities could be improved.   ADD TO SCHEDULE

Customer Story–Digital HR

This session will cover how Auburn City Schools handles online forms with new and current employees. They will discuss the online process of filling out new hire paperwork and how current employees use the online forms to make changes, as well. They will also go over how these forms file into Doc e Scan and Doc e Fill and how this process helps the employees and different departments work more efficiently at the Central Office.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Softdocs Services–Extending Your Implementation

From refresher training to additional discovery consulting, the Softdocs Professional Services team provides customers with the ability to continually improve their implementation. Learn about these offerings and how your institution can take advantage of the Softdocs team.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Doc e Serve–Did You Know It Could...?

Softdocs' legacy product is still going strong and providing immense value to our customers. This session will provide an overview Serve's basic capabilities, as well as a high level look at configuration tips and best practices for more efficient content creation and distribution.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Common App: Integrating to Improve Admissions

Hear firsthand how Transylvania University has eased the applicant process through an automated integration that automatically pulls the Common App as well as all associated documents into Etrieve on a nightly basis. Join us to learn about the challenges that spurred this need, in addition to strategies for helping automate the applicant process across the board.  ADD TO SCHEDULE


Etrieve 101–Back to Basics

This session is geared for those with limited Etrieve knowledge and will serve as a crash course to show you everything that can be accomplished within our next-generation platform. Get a behind the scenes look at the software to understand how all the components work together to take institutions paperless.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Five Things You Didn't Know–The Secrets of Etrieve

You think you've learned everything there is to know about Etrieve? You might be surprised at how much the complete platform can do. Find out tips and tricks for all solutions, from Content to Central. With these hidden secrets, your life can be even easier.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Etrieve Security–Standardizing Access

In today’s mobile world, centralized security and single sign-on are essential in the deployment of an enterprise software solution. This session will introduce and explain how Etrieve Security, our centralized security and administration tool, will impact system administration by tying into SSO solutions to simplify the management of rights and privileges, as well as ease the end user experience.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Automations–Easing Organization and Processes

From the automatic linking of documents to the initiation of workflows, the Automations feature works to standardize and expedite how content is organized and managed. This session will provide specific examples of how this feature applies to daily tasks and business process needs, helping to make Etrieve Content even more powerful.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Lookups–The Value in the Data

Lookups are a collection of key fields used to organize, process and simplify the searching of documents stored in Etrieve. This session will present the basics of Lookups, as well as demonstrate specific uses and setup scenarios that can expand your current Etrieve implementation including looking data from other sources. ADD TO SCHEDULE

Etrieve Flow–Expanding Your Processes

Whether you are currently on Etrieve or looking to make the move, this session will offer high level workflow training that includes real life process examples. From simplistic scenarios to more complex functionality, you will see a complete overview of the Etrieve Flow module and how it can be of benefit to your institution. This session is a great introduction to Flow in preparation for the Hands-on sessions.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Etrieve Forms–A True Paperless Approach

E-forms are transforming the way we interact with students and employees alike by eliminating paper from the start. This session will highlight the Etrieve Forms functionality, including making dynamic forms that will work on mobile devices. You will gain a basic knowledge of the complete Forms solution from creation, publication and storage.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Etrieve Success Story–Carson Newman University

Join Carson-Newman University as they share what EDC was (and wasn't), why they started looking for a replacement and what made Softdocs the right fit for them. They will discuss their implementation, what worked and what didn't and what's left to be done. For those interested in what a true Etrieve migration looks like, this is the session for you. ADD TO SCHEDULE

Etrieve Cloud–Understanding the Value

With increased security and minimal resources required, cloud-based deployments can be a great option for institutions of all types and sizes. This session will cover the value and importance of cloud based solutions, and how to determine whether it's a good fit for your institution.  ADD TO SCHEDULE


Doc e Fill

This session will provide hands-on time with Doc e Fill, our legacy e-forms and workflow solution.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Doc e Scan

This session will provide hands-on time with Doc e Scan, our legacy enterprise content management solution.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Etrieve Content

This session will provide hands-on time with Etrieve Content, our next-generation enterprise content management solution.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Etrieve Forms/Flow

This session will provide hands-on time with Etrieve Forms and Flow, our next-generation e-forms, workflow and process automation solutions.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Etrieve Security

This session will provide hands-on time with Etrieve Security, the centralized security and authentication tool for all applications within the Etrieve platform.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Etrieve Forms Builder

This session will provide hands-on time with Forms Builder, an extension to our Etrieve Forms solution.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Softdocs in Action

Financial Aid–Eliminating Bottlenecks Through Electronic Forms

Financial aid processing in a paper-based world can take weeks. This session will look at how institutions are automating this process, from the importing of the FAFSA and email notifications to storage of all related content, taking financial aid processing literally from weeks to days.   ADD TO SCHEDULE

Paperless K-12–Transforming Your District

What exactly does paperless look like for K-12 school districts? Maybe you have started in one department and are looking to expand your implementation. With firsthand examples and demonstrations of K-12 processes, this session will give you tangible advice about creating a more efficient district by going completely paperless.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

HR & Payroll–Personnel Processes with Etrieve

Discover some of the many features of the Etrieve platform which may be leveraged to improve your institution’s business processes. This session focuses on ideas for implementing several Etrieve features in your Human Resources/Payroll departments, but these tips may also be used across campus.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

E-forms & Workflow–Finance & HR Best Practices

Electronic forms and workflow can provide a number of valuable benefits to Finance and HR. This session will focus on presenting best practices, looking at specific use cases and allowing attendees to brainstorm with the Softdocs team and their peers on additional uses of the system in these departments.   ADD TO SCHEDULE

Teacher, Adjunct and Employee Contracts–Improved Convenience for Your Greatest Asset

Issuing, distributing and managing teacher, adjunct and employee contracts can be extremely tedious, and result in a loss of time and resources. Join us to discuss how you can minimize costs and increase process efficiency, while improving contract security and improving employee access to content.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Finance Fast Track–Getting Back to Business

Institutions are leveraging Softdocs to revolutionize the handling of everyday finance operations. Take away quick tips for managing invoices, receipts and other correspondence, as well as how to introduce paperless AP processing and drastically reduce turnaround for orders and requests.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Paperless Purchasing & AP–A Net Win for Your District (K-12)

Handwritten purchase orders, manual approval processes and redundant keying of data creates cumbersome workflows for finance. Learn how the use of electronic forms coupled with SIS integration can streamline common purchasing and AP approval processes.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Paperless Audits–More Access, Less Hassle

From the consolidation of content to increased record insight, learn how Etrieve can streamline the audit process and make it easier on both your staff and your auditor.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Customer Story–Add/Drop Process

Come hear from the team at William Jewell College as they discuss the discovery, creation and implementation of their add/drop form. They will review the milestones, pitfalls and nuances to taking a complicated, paper-based process electronic and the efficiency they have gained in the Registrar's office as a result.   ADD TO SCHEDULE

Trends & Best Practices

In this session, Central Carolina Community College will discuss some creative, unknown, or just useful ways that we can use data. Some of the areas discussed will be imports, reports, getting data into or out of e-forms, and more. Audience participation will be encouraged to share out-of-the-box ideas with each other.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Traditional on-premises implementations have been extremely successful with the right resources available. However, cloud deployment options allow institutions with limited IT staff to reap the benefits everyone else is receiving. This session will walk through the requirements for each deployment model to help you decide which option best fits your needs.   ADD TO SCHEDULE

As students and employees demand more immediate access to information, institutions are faced with a new challenge. See how Etrieve's mobile-first design is helping provide quicker access to key forms and documentation, as well as speeding up processes times for the business office.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

Learn from our Forms experts about the benefits associated with taking forms paperless. Learn how we have assisted customers in taking Doc e Fill campus-wide, and how customers are making the move to Etrieve Central for the added features and functionality. Also, get a behind the scenes look at the discovery process for e-forms, routing and integration. ADD TO SCHEDULE

Have questions about Etrieve? Curious about what our roadmap looks like? Shy and just want to hear what others are asking? Either way, this session is for you. During this town hall meeting, attendees will be invited to ask questions and get answers from our development and implementation teams. ADD TO SCHEDULE

More and more institutions are finding the value in moving to Etrieve. Join us for a detailed look at the migration process from start to finish. From the exporting of content to refreshing workflows and e-forms, our team will walk you through what to expect during your migration.   ADD TO SCHEDULE

The Softdocs Town Hall will provide the opportunity to ask our team about Softdocs products, best practice suggestions, implementation needs and training. The team will also be discussing their suggestions for how to successfully grow the use of Softdocs' solutions at your institution.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

The Softdocs Town Hall will provide the opportunity to ask our team about Softdocs products, best practice suggestions, implementation needs and training. The team will also be discussing their suggestions for how to successfully grow the use of Softdocs' solutions at your institution.  ADD TO SCHEDULE

While some institutions target specific departments for initial Softdocs implementations, greater value can be found when utilizing the solutions across multiple departments. This session will highlight best practices for expanding your implementation through various training options and more to improve collaboration and increase your return on investment.  ADD TO SCHEDULE | 888.457.8879 | 807 Bluff Road Columbia, SC 29201 | 888.457.8879 | 807 Bluff Road Columbia, SC 29201 | 888.457.8879
807 Bluff Road Columbia, SC 29201 | 888.457.8879
807 Bluff Road Columbia, SC 29201