Conference agenda

Tuesday, October 10

11:00 am–6:00 pm Registration and Check-In

1:00–5:00 pm Optional Boot Camp Sessions

1:00–5:00 pm Discovery Hall open

6:00–7:00 pm Opening Reception

7:00–10:00 pm Dine Around

Wednesday, October 11

7:00–8:30 am Breakfast

8:30–10:30 am  Opening Session

10:30–11:00 am  Mid-Morning Break

11:0011:50 am  Sessions

12:00–1:00 pm  Lunch

1:00–2:50 pm  Sessions

2:50–3:10 pm Afternoon Break/Discovery Hall

3:10–5:00 pm  Sessions

5:00 pm–Until  Free time and dinner on your own


Thursday, October 12

7:008:30 am Breakfast

8:30–8:45 am  Bridge in the Morning

9:00–9:50 am Sessions

9:50–10:10 am  Mid-Morning Break/Discovery Hall

10:10–12:00 pm Sessions

12:00–1:00 pm  Lunch

1:10–3:00 pm Sessions

2:50–3:15 pm  Afternoon Break/Discovery Hall

3:15 pm–Until One-on-One Consultations/Discovery Hall

Thursday Evening Entertainment and dinner at our new headquarters


Friday, October 13

7:00–8:30 am  Breakfast

8:30–8:45 am Bridge in the Morning

8:45–10:15 am  Round Tables/Discovery Hall

9:30–10:30 am  Mid-Morning Break

10:30 am–12:00 pm Closing Session

1:00–5:00 pm Optional Boot Camp Sessions

One-On-One Sessions

Want to talk one-on-one with a Softdocs team member?

On Thursday afternoon, October 12, the Softdocs team will be available for 20 minute one-on-one sessions. Our team is ready to discuss whatever is on your mind.

And if 20 minutes isn't enough time, we can schedule to meet when convenient throughout the conference.

Sign-ups will be available at the Softdocs Help Desk during the conference.

Round Tables

Round tables provide the opportunity to divide into small groups and discuss ideas, product tips and work through challenges faced by other districts, colleges, cities or counties.

There's no set agenda – but conversations must stay on-topic for each table. Tired of discussing a certain topic? No problem! Hop up and move to another table – each table will be discussing a different topic so there are plenty to choose from.

All round tables take place concurrently on Wednesday from 8:45 – 10:15 am.

Doc e Scan

Find out how to automate your document-centric business processes and archival needs in this round table discussion. Go into detail about optional features and how you can get the most out of Doc e Scan.

Doc e Fill

Learn how to maximize communication and decision-making with electronic forms and workflow. Go into detail about custom and unique business processes and how you can get the most out of Doc e Fill.

Etrieve Content

Join Softdocs team members for a discussion on Etrieve Content, the next generation of Doc e Scan, our enterprise content management solution.

Etrieve Flow

Join Softdocs team members for a discussion on Etrieve Flow, our robust workflow engine that allows for the routing of content and forms.

Etrieve Forms

Join Softdocs team members for a discussion on Etrieve Forms, the next generation of Doc e Fill, our e-forms solution. Bring any questions you may have on the upgrade process or the product itself and get answers from our team of experts.

Etrieve Security

Etrieve Security is the new, centralized authentication and access solution for the Etrieve product suite. Come talk with our Enterprise Security Architect and Development Manager on how the solution cane revolutionize the way users access and use Softdocs solutions.

Server Hardware & Cloud Deployment

Join this discussion about server hardware, Softdocs backup procedures and other recommendations for maintaining the servers on which your Softdocs solutions are installed.

Staff will also be on hand to discuss and answer questions on our plans for Etrieve deployment in the Cloud.

Business Office

Come discuss paperless finance topics with our experts. Topics will include AP, AR, Purchasing and Reporting, just to name a few. This provides a great opportunity for you to ask questions and get answers from our team of experts.

Human Resources

Come discuss paperless HR and Personnel topics with our team of experts. Topics will include electronic employee/teacher contracts, paperless on-boarding and electronic personnel forms. This provides a great opportunity for you to ask questions and get answers from our team of experts.

Going Paperless in Student Services

Taking Student Services paperless can seem daunting. Join this round table as our experts lead the conversation on ways to make the transition smooth. Discuss ideas and hear others’ experiences in the student services world. If you work in Admissions, Financial Aid or the Registrar’s Office you don’t want to miss this discussion.

Implementation, Deployment & Training

This round table provides the opportunity for you to bring questions about the implementation and training process to our project management team.

Boot Camps

We're excited to once again have boot camps as a part of Bridge. While not a complete replacement for on-site training, these half day sessions will help you dive deeper into the administration and use of Softdocs applications.

Each boot camp session is limited to 10 attendees. There is no additional cost for taking part.

Sessions will begin at 1 PM on Tuesday, October 10 and Friday, October 13.

Register here by selecting the boot camps you’d like to attend.

Doc e Admin

Folder tree customization, management of users and security, and Doc e administration basics, this course will walk system administrators through how to best set up and maintain their Doc e environment.

Doc e Scan Basics

This is the perfect session for end users and system administrators looking for a high level training session on all things Doc e Scan. Attendees will learn the basics of organizing and working with content within the Doc e Scan application, as well as a couple tips and tricks from our services team.

Etrieve Admin

This session will highlight the administration of Etrieve. From customizing the folder tree to setting up users and overall system management, this is a training opportunity focused on system administrators and technical resources.

Etrieve Basics

Whether you are new to Etrieve, looking to make the move or have been on the platform for a while now, this is a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the next generation platform. From the organization of content to basic workflow, annotation and automation tips, this is a great session for users of all skillsets.

Etrieve Flow Admin

Workflows within Etrieve have been expanded to include routing support for both forms and content. This session will walk users through the creation, design and promotion of automated workflows throughout the Etrieve platform.

Etrieve Forms Builder & Design

Etrieve Forms Builder has been a wonderful addition to the Softdocs product portfolio. This session will walk through leveraging the tool to build basic HTML forms, as well as offer introductory training for the design of these forms. Some HTML knowledge is recommended for this session.

Register here by selecting the boot camps you’d like to attend.

Dine Around

Tuesday, October 10  7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Socialize with the Softdocs team and other conference attendees before sessions begin while enjoying some of the best food Columbia has to offer! Choose from eight top-rated places, all within walking distance of the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. Participants must sign up in advance for their chosen restaurant.

Restaurants include

Down Home with Softdocs!

Evening Entertainment & Meal at Our New Headquarters

Thursday, October 12  6:30 PM – 10 PM

Join us Thursday evening for Down Home with Softdocs at The Oaks, one of our very own tailgate spaces so conveniently close to our new headquarters. Enjoy the local delicacies of South Carolina, challenge other Bridge attendees and the Softdocs team at our favorite games, and dance the night away! Get a taste of the South, Softdocs style. Stay tuned for more details!

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